Pandemic Alpha is Recruiting

Pandemic Alpha is a young Corp looking for pilots with experience in PvP or PvE to come and join in with the fun we are having down in provi. we are looking to grow and grow well . Miners are also very welcome as there is plenty of rocks to blitz.

we offer regular fleet lots of ratting in a very friendly environment.

As we are members of The Rogue Consortium there is regular alliance fleets you can join and gain more experience in pvp with Great access to blue structures and combined fleets, Corp Discord, and allied Teamspeak

if you wish to rat and earn isk then we have plenty of places you can do that also :grin:

if you need and further information then contact the following in game - Calaxion -Tayo Totalitous or Useless or join our recruitment channel- Pandemic Alpha Recruitment

we are a very friendly bunch of people having a lot of fun.

alliance kill board

so if this appeals to new players or all you older toons then please get in touch in game or mail me direct

many thanks


still recruiting - check it out!

come check us out

bump this is a good corp still growing

lets role have some fun come join us

recruiting strong!

come and join the fun

new pilots welcome you will be helped. good fleet fights to be had

Seems tempting. Do you have a recommended skill doctrine for the Alpha pilot ?

mail me in game mate

we are still wanting new and experienced pilots to come and join us and the fun

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