Pandemic Alpha is Recruiting - Can offer Nullsec & Lowsec Content

Pandemic Alpha (-PA-) is a friendly group of players who watch each others back. There’s no attitudes, everyone treated as an equal and when there isn’t family / wife aggro we log into EvE. This motley crew is a tight knit group of players and seeking to expand with likeminded players. We predominately operate within the EU TZ, however through the Alliance and Coalition there’s content around the clock across the various time-zones.

The Corp has access to nullsec and lowsec systems which offers plenty of isk making opportunities, it’s a mixture play styles within Corp with players either opting to mine, rat, solo PVP or small / large scale gang PVP. There’s absolutely no pressure to attend CTA’s.

Drop Calaxian (Corp founder) an in game message or join Pandemic Alpha Recruitment in game. TeamSpeak and Discord is available for comms and can assist with relocation to any of the home systems.

No SP requirements, new players or bitter vets, Alpha or Omega accounts all welcome. New to game players shall be given help with start-up mining and PVP ships.

Mitsuko Chan / Origae-6 o7


Bump for tonight… I was going to try and log in for a bit but a little too busy today so sorry if I’ve missed anyone in game o/

Bump for a former corpie :wink:

Making progress o7

Weekend bump o7

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