Pandemic Alpha Low Sec PVP & Mining Corp

Pandemic Alpha…
We are a low sec pvp and mining Corp with a good infrastructure for both types of game play…
A friendly and relaxed place to play the game, with having fun and enjoying the game, the most important focus…
Great access to blue structures and combined fleets, Corp Discord, and allied Teamspeak

Do you use discord?

imight be interested, i was considering wormholes,but im not entirely sure im ready for that jump just yet,perhaps low sec would be agood stepping stone. are you part of Horde? ive completeed my tutorials, career agents and the epic arcas was recommended byt the guys in my npc corp

Yes we do and Teamspeak

Low sec is very over looked in eve, and is a great place to play the game… no we are not part of horde.
We are a pvp corp, but have a mining and indy side as well, so lots of different opportunities here

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Good corporation, good lads, highly recommend !

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