Para Bellum INC Is Recruiting! (Fraternity)

Who are we?

Para Bellum Inc is a chill Null sec corp who cares more about a good attitude and desire to learn and contribute than skill points or isk. We also understand that real life comes before your eve life. Our requirements are simple, you must be 18+, be self-sufficient ISK wise, have some SP base for our doctrines, and participate on alliance and corp ops when life permits.

We have access to some great Nullsec space for ratting, mining, and other isk making activities. We also have numerous corp moons that members can utilize. We are constantly fighting some of the largest groups in the game ensuring lots of content is available or can be found through any short roam. We are looking for players who are active and want to dabble in PVP. We do fleets into nullsec, lowsec, and even high sec that get plenty of good fights and lots of spectacular kills.

We operate primarily USTZ but are looking for people to play from any TZ. Overall we are a very relaxed group that is looking for people with a good attitude towards the game. We are willing to help develop players as long as they are very active and willing to learn and experience the game. We are willing to develop players caring more about their attitude towards the game and a willingness to contribute.

What you can expect from us:

  • Frequent Strat OPs/Roams
  • Amazing Corp Moon’s
  • Capital usage
  • Alliance and Corp logistic
  • SOV-Space with good Ratting / Mining - Space
  • Mumble and Discord to keep in touch

What we expect from you:

  • Age of 18+
  • Self-sufficient ISK wise
  • SP base for our Doctrines
  • Participation on CTA´s and Strat OP´s, when life permits it!


  • Armour Capital Alts (Dreads),
  • Armour Capital (Carrier, Super/Titans),
  • Useful Sub Capital Alts (Links, Scouts, Hunters and scanning toons),
  • Working towards Super Capitals,

How to join us? Join our in-game public channel: “Para Bellum Recruitment” or join our Discord and get in contact with a recruiter!

Public Channel: “Para Bellum Recruitment”

CEO: Jarlaxlee Baenre

Recruiter: Ragen Messenger, Jarlaxlee Baenre