Paragon Store charity SKIN relisting transparency

There is a current celebration:

In celebration of the launch of SKIN trading in the Paragon Hub, several EVE developers have crafted exclusive SKINs using SKINR. These one-of-a-kind creations will be sold in the Paragon Hub, with all proceeds (and associated fees) being donated to Art Without Borders, an Icelandic charity focused on the visibility of artists with disabilities.

I have a problem that it is not 100% clear that the purchase I listed in the attachment would NOT go to Art Without Borders. There are players that would potentially purchase this skin and have less problem with the price thinking the proceeds would go to Art Without Borders.

This treads on the notion that charity is the one safe space that CCP treats seriously keeping scams and grift out of.

I am not trying to specifically call out this particular player or any other doing the same thing (relisting charity skins). but this is dangerously close to utilizing the goodwill of a charity promotion for personal profit.


Thank you for pointing this out.

Any scam on charity events should result in an instant permanent ban.