🦜 Indi's SuperCap Shop 🦜 WTS Nyx & Erebus - Aunenen/Maila

Welcome to my SuperCap shop :slightly_smiling_face:

Available now:

  • Nyx with t2 travel fit + 50k fuel 18.5b

Coming VERY soon:

  • Erebus with t2 travel fit + 50k fuel 69b

Recently Sold:

  • Avatar with t2 travel fit + 50k fuel 69b SOLD
  • Nyx with t2 travel fit + 50k fuel 18.5b SOLD
  • Hel with t2 travel fit + 50k fuel 18.5b SOLD

Delivery can be either Aunenen or Maila public Keepstars. All ships are sold unrigged, but rigs & fittings can be arranged. Also happy to take orders… please get in touch.

Please either reply here or message me in game if you’re interested.


I can pay 69 for the Avatar if you also add the rigs .

messaged you in game :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Deeep, not heard from you… plz check in game message.

Still willing to take offers from others.

do u deliver to basgerin keepstar? offering 68b

Unfortunately not at the moment, Maila would be the closest (just 4 jumps from basgerin)

thx for replying , if u have any way to move it to Basgerin ill take it , otherwise i have to pass.

Sorry ,mate !! I found a better offer in the meantime , so I took that one !!

Have now included 3 x t2 trimarks in the price :grinning:

Would you accept 67 for it in maila?

Thank you for your enquiry. Have messaged you in game.

Replied with eve portal. Hopefully it went through.

Nyx for sale soon. Give me a shout if you want to pre-order.

Shameless bump

Nyx up for sale now!

Still for sale… get it while it’s hot! :slight_smile:

Going up! :loveparrot:

Going up and up! :loveparrot:

Going up and up and up! :loveparrot:

Going up!