:parrotbeer: Winnie Blues and VB Crew - AUTZ Null sec Corporation! :parrotbeer:

:australia: Winnie Blues and VB Crew Are Recruiting! :australia:

Who are we?
WBVB is a Null sec corporation Based in Catch; In the Watchmen. Alliance.
We come from all works of life within EVE - Dedicated miners, Crazy Wormholers, Ratting, Industry, Newbros to the Bloodthirsty PVPers But the one thing we all have in common is we want to enjoy EVE and have a good time. WBVB is a Newbro Friendly enviroment, Most people would understand EVE is a very difficult game to learn and to get your head around and we are all Willing to Help.

We are Primarily Based in the AUTZ, But we are looking to boost our numbers within the EU and US Timezones. Our Alliance/Blues also have a decent US timezone so you wont be alone.

What do we Offer?

  • Friendly / Layed back enviroment for people to learn and have fun within EVE
  • Ore Buy back Programs based in our Null sec Home
  • Plenty of Opportunities for PVP; Small Gang Skirmishes to Large Gang Fights.
  • New Bro Friendly; Always willing to help people out with How-to, Basic Ships/Skills to get people set up in the game.
  • Basic SRP on Corporation Based Operations
  • Access to Null Sec Systems.
  • Discord Comms.

What we are looking for!

  • Miners
  • PVP/Capital Pilots
  • Industry Pilots ( Capital Construction/ T1 & T2 Construction )
  • Logistical Pilots ( Haulers etc, )
  • Exploration Pilots
  • Friendly and Eager pilots

WBVB Accepts people of all walks of Life within eve, Coming back to our core belief that Eve is a game and we want people to enjoy there time in EVE. But playing eve alone can get boring So join Us!

So if you’re Interested Please find the Athanor filled with VB tinnies, Goonbags and the Crisp Aroma of Winnie Blues. Join our Recruitment Channel β€œWBVB Recruitment!” And Speak with our Friendly Recruitment Pilots!


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Recruitment is still open :slight_smile:

Please convo me in game or send me a mail if i cant be reached!

pewpew Still recruiting


Recruitment Still Open!

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