[USTZ/EUTZ] [BL0BD] We Form BL0B Is Actively Recruiting! - Null Sec Sov - Goonswarm Federation

We Form BL0B is a corporation in Null-Sec space. We are part of the Goonswarm Federation in the Imperium Coalition. With a line-up of veteran players in all aspects of the game, we have FC’s, Mining guru’s, WH day-trippers, CRAB Kings, and Manufacturing Industrialists there are people for you to hang out with and work together on what you enjoy. We are focused on the fun side of eve and doing what you love to do, with our members who share the same interests!

What we offer:
• Corporation-based PvP Fleets.
• Null Sec Ratting, Beacons, Mining, and Moons under the best Cap Umbrella in Eve.
• Veteran members who can teach you anything you want to learn, whether it be flying Big Boy Toys, various PvP levels, Industrialism, or more!
• Full Goonswarm membership and benefits.
• Active members
• People to hang out with who enjoy this game as much as you do, and a place we all call home.
What we require:
• Min 10 mil SP on your Main account
• 18 years or Older – 0 drama tolerance
• Your main character must be an Omega clone.
• Discord, Jabber, and Mumble (working microphone is preferred)
• Some participation in corp and alliance based activities
To find out more join the in-game channel: Join BL0B or join our discord WE FORM BL0B Inc. and speak with a recruiter today!

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We are still actively recruiting new members! Kill mail generators, Miners, Industrialists, All are welcome!