WE FORM BL0B Inc. - Looking To Expand!

WE FORM BL0B Inc. is currently seeking new motivated, active members who are looking for new challenges. Primarily EU and US time zone based, WE FORM BL0B Inc. is now a member of Goonswarm Federation and living in Delve.

We Offer:

  • Alliance with PVP fleets
  • Capital and Titan Warfare
  • Ship Replacement Program through our Alliance
  • Boosted Mining Fleets
  • Ratting in some of the best space in the game (Including capitals)
  • Null sec Incursions
  • Specialized sigs you can join
  • The most well stocked Null-Sec region market in EVE
  • Jump freighter service to and from Jita and other areas
  • Active Members in All Timezones
  • Mumble, Jabber, Forums, and Discord
  • Access to Alliance Keepstars!
  • Corp and Alliance buyback programs
  • Low tax rate for a GSF member corp

We Require:

  • Participation in at least 1 alliance fleet per month. (Subject to Change).
  • Log in to Discord, Jabber, and utilize the forums.
  • 10m skillpoints minimum entrance requirement.

For more information or to talk with one of our recruiters, please drop by our recruitment channel in game “Join BL0B” or pop by on our Discord Server.

Recruitment is open and we’re looking for new members! Drop by our Discord and say hello.

Looking for a new home? Pop by for a chat and find out more!