.:! WE FORM BL0B alliance is recruiting !:

Whether you’re a returning player coming back to EVE from a break, a veteran who is bored with the lack of content or a corporation looking for a new place to call home, WE FORM BL0B has got you covered!

If you play EVE then you’ll likely know who we are. We’re relatively new to the world of big blocks and we want to challenge what it means to live in nullsec! Our many corps offer a variety of different game meta’s.

Q: What don’t we do?
A: We don’t do rentals, we don’t enforce our ideals on others and we don’t try to dictate what you do for your hard earned isk!

Q: What do we do?
A: Have fun, shoot big blocks who try to impose their rule upon us and put real life first!

Join our vibrant community where no game mechanic is off of the table and you’re treated as a person and not a number!

Reach out to us in game in the “Join BL0B” channel or drop me a DM for more details!

Fly dangerously! o7

what are you requirements for corps to join?

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