BO-LD [-10.0] is recruiting new members - NullSec - PVP - PVE


A tight-knit merry and not so serious (sometimes serious) group of small gangers with a rich history in New Eden is looking to expand its’ member base!

There is always enough excitement and drama to keep us going into the new Era of EVE Online!

BO-LD is entering its’ 9th year of operation in various major Alliances and has representation in all timezones (EUTZ/USTZ/AUTZ), we are a part of the Pandemic Legion Alliance → You should have killed us, when you had the chance!


  • 15 Million SP (exceptions can be made).
  • Active Killboard and used to PVP.
  • Working microphone/headset is a MUST. We might ask you to do a reading test before joining.
  • At least 1 racial frigate & 1 racial cruiser trained to V.
  • ESI for ALL your characters.

Exceptions will always be considered, as we treat applicants case by case.

More information & How-to-apply:
- Read Me First -

BO-LD History lesson:

Hit us up for more information, or hit us up in-game, we will point you into the right direction! See you in New Eden!



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