Do you like BLOPS? Small Gang? Ready for the WAR?! - Apply now


Good news, we’re recruiting again.

  • Longstanding part of eve with a remarkable history and reputation
  • Focused and very active PVP corp
  • Part of TEST with all the benefits that gets you
  • Corp SRP for every ship you die gloriously in
  • An amazing bunch of pilots to come and fly with

Brave Operations - Lollipop Division (BO-LD) is a corporation within the TEST Alliance and Legacy Coalition. We are a close-knit group of PVP and Industry enthusiasts, with a diverse and rich history in New Eden. We believe in supporting each other and helping each other strive to become the best they can.

BO-LD offers a variety of pvp styles flying specialised ships such as T3D’s, T3C’s, BLOPs & Bombers, and even Capital class ships. From micro-gang to large fleets and capital drops, we do it all.

Our industry team are highly experienced in both mining/procuring and manufacturing. BO-LD Industries manufacture and supply Capital class ships to BO-LD and our alliance.


  • 15 Million SP
  • An active Player
  • Speak English
  • Working microphone and headset.
  • The ability to fly Interceptors (Racial Frigate V) and dictors.
  • Racial Cruiser V - Gallente BC 4

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we are reopening recruitment

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Still recruiting - here is a short promo we will be using for our 5v5 tournament ad

we are still recruiting - drop me a message or come on discord for a chat

it has been a busy few days for our recruitment team this week - but we’re happy to take more applications.

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