Part of the botting problem? Simultaneous Alpha Logins remain unfixed

fullheartidly support a hard limit of say 3 per IP, using mobile broadband any number of people can login and play together in a house, there is no reason to support more than three connections per IP

CCP could still find out or at least become suspicious due to things happening around the same server ticks. As you say though, someone could do this and make it significantly harder to be found out to break the EULA.

My point was, that your scenario takes effort, higher computing power and probably even has some cost factor to pay for the VPNs. If on the other hand, someone can just use this multiple Alpha login exploit without any effort to hide it, they have zero extra cost, which makes it much easier for them.

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Botters will swap to vm + vpn. Players with more omega accounts are punished. Your idea helped botters and punished eula/coc abiding players. Maybe it is not a good solution?


The fraction of players using three legal alpha accounts from a single, non-shared IP must be near zero.

But there are shared IPs and other complications. The most robust in my outsider opinion would be looking for the bad behaviour, not the source of the logins which as we all know can be obfuscated. Look for groups of alphas that always login together or do stuff together. A simple script to filter through their logs to identify such highly suspicious behaviour which can be confirmed then by an examination of the surrounding meta data.

They claim they have such capability to detect botters, but perhaps that is just PR bluster and their ability to extract data from the logs is lacking. More likely to me, they can glean things like this from the data but Team Security is just completely swamped, and since RMTers and then botters are going to have higher priority and seem to be out of control, they just won’t ever get to policing alpha abusers. So we are left that they go largely unpunished with raising a mob the only viable way to get CCP to act which honestly isn’t the greatest customer experience.

Still, fixing the long standing, glaring exploit in their launcher would go a long way to convince us they are serious about enforcing their rules.


it takes minutes to find bots in null, we all know who they are, report them, if they are in your corp kick them and report them.

there is a lot more the players could do to help out, but it must be said, the players need the backing of CCP.

here’s an idea, once a month the devs take out a fleet, just like they did at xmas.

have an open invite to players to join in and then go hunt the bots.

Devs have fun, players have fun, it reinforces the relationship between CCP and the players and solves some of the bot problems.

sounds like a win win to me. :eyes:


For a one off maybe, half the problem is that hunting bots is boring, Automated accounts unbalancing PVP content. I’ve started making a new list, it seems the new batch of FW bots came out 20 days after CCP banned the previous batch

Snip removed list of characters snip Buldath

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And nothing stops it. :frowning:

The other solution is to protect client with something like TheMida with “no VM” option enabled which would make it incredibly hard to run in VM environments but wont stop dedicated/professional botters… Not sure how reliable it is nowdays tho.

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They should NEVER, NEVER !! have introduced Alphas to begin with.

End of story, and end of Eve.

CCP never did squat to solve the bot problem even before Alphas, except for symptom management, and it sure as hell looking like they still won’t be doing squat to solve it in the near and distant future.

It’s now pretty much unsolvable, thanks to them, and thanks to that disclaimer CCP Seagull for talking them into it and then bugging out once the crap started hitting the fan.


Lmao, would CCP provide some form of payment or reimbursment for my personal time spent helping them clean up THEIR stupid mess ?

You do realise it would be voluntary?

If you don’t volunteer you lose no personal time…

Except they wont find any bots if they were to go hunt for some in an event fleet. At best they’ll find them tethered/docked… so waste of time even if you volunteer.

Yes of course, but it still looks so freakin bad as a company if the best thing you can come up with to solve an issue and to save yourself, is that …

You screw your game and its playerbase, and then ask them for help ?


The reason why a player should be bothered with that is far away from being logical.
This is CCP’s job,they should have paid people ingame that actively search for such things and ban them at sight if they find them,same goes for exploit use and such things…caught in the act —> ban at sight…

It’s almost like they do have people who search for them… And ban once proven to be a bot and the money has been traced and similar bots also found…
You speak a lot of words for someone with no real proposals.

PAID People…not “almost like”…

Again…it’s CCP’S job to search for them and hunt them down not that of a player…

If they pay said players for this.may it be with plex or gametime we don’t need to talk,but to EXPECT them to do it for free is outrageous.

Wellfaring a mega million dollar company is just too naive…

There is a team security. They do hunt bots.
However 30,000 players are far more eyes than any paid team could ever hope to have, so those 30,000 eyes are always going to be an important part of any kind of anti botting measures.
Are you really that dumb that you don’t get that, or are you that bad a troll instead. I’m leaning towards the later at this point.

You don’t learn…

CCP is paid for this by the players…if this company is not able to do its job without their (unpaid) customers it would be better to go out of buisness…

Right. So really that dumb to not understand how it works. Gotcha.


Well doing things like this on their own works for other game companies…

So it may be you playing the dumb part…