Particle Field is looking for nullsec corp mergers

(Amanari Talar) #1

Hello guys,

I am seeking nullsec corporations out there that are struggling, or in general are not just doing so well. This may include not having a fun time due to camping, bad location or resources, and any number of similar events.

Joining ceo’s will be allowed to take leadership positions based on their capabilities, knowledge, and over all personalities. a Limit other ceo’s will be accepted into leadership positions. Directors may be an option, depending on various things.

We live in the more secure region of eve (impass), which is highly and strategically protected. Multiple Ice Belts, and Moon Mining of all rareities are an option. Good ratting (Angel).

Contact me to take the next step in the process. lets build a future together.

Eve Mail me or convo On

Amunari Talar

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