Recruiting for a Relaxed corp. Awesome Null corp/alliance Benefits. Lots of Content!

Greetings fellow amarrians, and yar to the salve races,

Particle Field is recruiting nullsec players. We are part of Drone Walkers, a Legacy Coalition Member.
We have excellent content to offer, are relaxed on our requirements and what we expect from you, and pretty much just want human beings to hang out with. We provide secure nullsec space, with lots of constant small gang pew pew (Ie, from visitors who bring us gifts of killboard points). Our coalition is currently engaged in a major conflict with another super power, so we also offer larger scale battles.
Our space provides secure mining options, as our region is one of the safest in eve (Impass).

We require you to pass standard api checks, and to be active on teamspeak when online. Our corporation also requires a minimum of 10,000,000 Skill points.

Drop me a line in eve mail, a convo, or join our public channel @ Particle Dinner.


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