Particle Field Is Recruiting For Nullsec [Impass] Sov Alliance

Hello pilots,

We are currently looking for more pilots to join our ranks. We specialize in Moon/Gas/Ice Mining and Production as well as Tech 2/Cap PvP [mixed corp]. We’re laid back and so is our alliance, and we are located in impass as part of legacy coalition.

Our space is well secured protected by multiple groups. We require you to have 10m Sp, and be active on teamspeak as well as pass an api check. (full api keys will be requested for alliance authentication services).

PvP Skirmishing is Frequent, if not all day. Larger Stratops is every few days if you enjoy 1k-2k+ fleet battles.

Out side of that we just want to hang out with you and have fun :wink: so if you are interested drop me a line.

bump for the day

Bump, we are still looking for members :wink:
Come join the fun! Very laid back and chill corp.

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