Passive ISK as an Alpha?

The ones I know are Planetary Interaction and research alts.

Skill extraction is a possible other, depending on market prices. But I guess this is mostly just used to cover (part of) the cost of the Omega account itself.

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When your an alpha there are skills you can’t extract. So really you’d be extracting skills you trained as omega but as an alpha only there would not be income from extraction.

CCP seems to want to remove passive income game wide. Alpha accounts especially shouldn’t have any passive income opportunities at all and it is a good thing they don’t.


Planetary interaction is NOT passive income. You have to click so much on that stupid interface, then fly around and collect all that semi-worthless crap, then haul it somewhere to do something with it.

Research is a pittance.


Then what would be?

Why would someone expect anything that could be “passive” on a free account to provide good income. People would just make 1000 free accounts and crash the supply/demand curve for the activity making it worthless.


It doesn’t seem like there should be passive income in a game like Eve. I don’t think there is.

We have the R&D agents. Doesn’t require any clicking and setup like PI , all that you need is the standings and some skills . After that you collect data cores , those are given by the amount of RPs (research points) you have . Iirc there was a max. no. of 5 of those agents per char , governed by a skill . Things might have changed , I haven’t checked this in ages .
What I used to do, was to collect those data cores once per year and at that time it was a few hundred millions worth in ISK per char , peanuts I know , but it is completely passive as those RPs collect just like SPs on your character.

That was one of the Omega passive ISK methods, as a reaction to ‘PI and research’. Alpha accounts indeed to not have any passive income.

I agree it’s not entirely passive, but it’s relatively passive compared to other forms of making ISK in this game. Once you’ve set it up, you click a couple times a week, haul a couple times a month.

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I do not think PI is any more passive than running level 4 missions in a cruise missile raven - especially not on a per isk basis.

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Just asking for a friend

I imagine the most passive is form a giant garbage noob corp in highsec, passively collecting taxes as they PVE but never providing any mentorship or items to them. Get someone else to recruit for you so it’s completely passive.

In theory an aplha account could do this too by acquiring a corp made by someone with high skills.


:red_circle: Project Discovery.


Very passive during the timeouts, not so much in between.


but you dont move inventory or ship, so it kinda falls into passive?

Besides that, there shouldn’t be any passive income available to Alphas. EVE isn’t an economic simulator, it’s a PvP game.

You could always mine while afk, LOL

Eve ist more then a PvP Game. Part of it is its Economy Simulation.

Setup for R&D is absolutely not trivial if you want to get a reasonable return. Picking the six agents that give good datacores and then skilling up their specialty and grinding their standings takes a lot of time and research. It used to be passive after that, so it was nerfed by charging us for the datacores we’d earned. That was enough to offset a lot of the profit, and now I rarely do the rounds to pick them up. Not a serious isk spigot.

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