Pathfinder Delete System

On the pathfinder tool, I can delete some systems, but not all. Why is this? There is a locked logo, which suggests to me this is why I can’t delete it, but this will be very annoying quickly if I am unable to remove the clutter.

Are you on your own server or map? Someone must have locked the systems, because normally all systems are unlocked by default. You can right-click on the system and then select Lock or Unlock. You can then delete all systems that are no longer locked.

Um… I’m on the default map. Whatever that is. It was the first tab

Ok, but I don’t know which “public” server you are using. Maybe a good start would be to make a new tab for yourself. You can then also set the rights so that, for example, only you or your corp. has access to it.

What do you mean by what server? I just went to the website, logged in, saw a partial map, starting mapping systems, deleted some of the clutter that was already there, and then found out some of the original clutter was locked. I didn’t see something like how teamspeak or discord asking me to join a server

What you are describing means you are editing a map that many people can edit. If you want only a map that you can edit, follow the instructions on the Pathfinder manual to properly create your own map, or check in with your corp/alliance on what the rules are for editing the shared maps you have access to.

Which website did you go to? This website is the “server” and presumably anyone can use it. So you share a map with a lot of other people. These people will lock their systems so that they are not deleted by strangers (like you in this case) :).

Next to the tab of the default map you should have a button (+ add). There you can create a new and your own map.

The first tab was not empty, it had 3 constellations, our home area, and a random constellation that turned out to be staging for defending some blues (to me it looked like clutter when I was trying to map it out that day because no one told me they were important).

No we didn’t use those connections, this was going to be a k-space fight and we got there using gates, so no one probably needed to use the map. Those systems are now unlocked.

Ok, so I just click on “+ add” tab for my own map that I can modify freely? I wonder why when I went to the site I was sent to a tab with a series of pre-set systems and connections instead of an empty one since that’s the first time I logged in on that site.


It is programmed that way :slight_smile: From my point of view, it would also be impractical if it were different and everyone started in their own tab.
Pathfinder is open source and each corporation can run it on its own server (with its own internet address). And in this case, every player from the same corporation should be able to access the same tab.

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