Pathfinder - Docker Image for easy installation


Installing Pathfinder (and deploying it at scale) can be somewhat cumbersome, so we’ve developed an open-source container at Krypted Gaming using Docker.

  • Easily installable, all settings are done via environment variables
  • Enables you to deploy multiple Pathfinder instances
  • Stay up to date by simply pulling the new image and rebuilding your container


  1. Clone docker-compose.yml file ( wget )
  2. Clone the example .env file ( wget )
  3. Fill out the .env file and start up your instance with docker-compose up -d


  1. Navigate to your Pathfinder page, go through setup.
  2. Create the databases, import from ESI at the bottom.
  3. Restart your container with SETUP=False
  4. You’re live!
  5. You may need to import the static database. See #12

Important Links

GitHub Repository and Instructions
Developer Discord
Cheap Hosting

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Updated for v2.0.0 of Pathfinder.