🔥 Corporation websites, Pathfinder hosting, and more

Software engineer by day, multi-box PvPer by night.

I host services for many groups in EVE Online, and am looking to add more customers to my list. All payments are in ISK, typically monthly. Due to our great infrastructure at Krypted Gaming, we simply spin up containers and have no installation fees.

My services include,

  • Corporation websites (example one, example two, and many more)
  • Corporation management platforms (SeAT, Krypted Authentication)
  • Pathfinder (they’re crazy fast)

I’ve done a lot of work for large groups in the past, including top 15 alliances like Triumvirate and Solyaris Chtonium.

Service Rough monthly cost
Pathfinder 250m per month
SeAT 750m per month
Krypted Authentication 750m per month
Alliance Authentication 1000m per month, 2b install fee
Static website 250m per month (or free w/ bundle)
Discourse Forum 750m per month
Wordpress/Blog 500m per month

You can contact me via mail (BearThatCares) or Discord (BearThatCares#1337)