Tripwire - signature mapping tool

I had eyes on a 24h wh, which was EOL both ingame and in Tripwire. Tripwire removed the hole when the age was maybe 24h 15m or so, but ingame the hole lived for about 25h. Thus Tripwire removed the hole about 45 mins too soon. I’ve seen this happen also with 16h holes. It seems to me that wormholes have random extension of about 0-60 mins past their rated maximum age.

I wonder if Tripwire could extend the extra time of the wormholes to something like 60-90 mins?

At which point Tripwire would show a wh as still being there after it was actually gone - swings and roundabouts…

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Yes, but Tripwire shows it very nicely, e.g. if the hole age is 24:15, TW shows it in red text -15 min. This is excellent behavior, but TW just should be more conservative before removing anything automatically. It’s so easy to simply remove sigs by doing a new full copy-paste. I think TW could go as far as -60 mins or even -90 mins.

Edit: how about a new option in Preferences “grace period for signature expiration (in minutes”)?

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Is this still working?

I’ve been trying to create a map and it gets stuck on adding access.

Just spins on searching for (now) fifteen minutes and counting.

Surely this can’t be how this is supposed to work, right?

Works like a charm for me; almost never had any problems.

An update on things regarding the Tripwire project (the code), as well as the public servers ( and support for both.

The servers are funded for at least 3 months now and monthly donations are enough to continue to fully fund. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Tripwire is a huge part of my life and I feel one of my greatest accomplishments, It is all thanks to the help, support, and encouragement from this wonderful community.

First the public servers; the covid-19 outbreak has affected most of us in various ways, understandably I expected donations which fund the servers for the website to drop. Yesterday that finally hit full force with nearly all donations stopping. I completely understand and do not expect anyone to donate - I myself have pulled Twitch subscriptions and game service subscriptions to cut costs. But without donations the costs must come from me which even I have limits to how much I can support.

The details are this; the servers cost about $60/month for 5 Digital Ocean droplets that are already the minimum - all but the database server are $5/month servers. Next we have SSL certs, domain names, etc which come out to around $40/month. So all said and done $100/month completely covers all expenses the website requires. Now some people donate monthly and others donate in chunks - either is fine and extra go into a reserve used to keep things going when monthly donations drop.

How to donate; first please do not feel you need to donate. Also It is OK to donate money via Paypal and Patreon, links are at the bottom of the Tripwire website. If you feel you want to donate but money is not an option then some of your time is also excellent in the forms of providing support to others in this forum thread and in the Tripwire Discord, providing code improvements and fixes via the open source project, and many more ways.

What happens when donations are not enough? If that happens again, like it did yesterday, I will send out communication via this forum thread as well as Discord that let everyone know that I will be shutting down the servers the following month. Since Tripwire is an open source project, anyone can host their own copy, there are also services out there that can host it for you (link below). If you choose to leave or the servers shutdown you can still get some of your data via an API which I will talk about next.

To use the Tripwrie API here is some basic steps and info, for additional help I recommend the Tripwire Discord because there are people there who know how to use it and do. First you need to know your Tripwire user account name and account password, you can set them both to whatever you like once you login to Tripwire and go into Options and under the account section are 2 buttons to change them. Next you need your maskID - this is a decimal number used to identify what mask you want data from. You can get this a few ways but the easiest is to go into the Tripwire Options and right-click inspect the mask images and look for a “value” attribute, it should be something like 123.0 - don’t worry the maskID is not a security risk so don’t be afraid to give it out. Then use the following URLs replacing maskID and using your Tripwire account username and password (not your EVE account).

You can also pass a systemID query parameter for results for just a system, note this is the EVE systemID not the system name, ie Jita would be 30000142. Note there are only GET end-points currently.

As for the open source project, I hope it will never die. It costs no money, and as long as EVE is around I hope Tripwire will be. Please help me keep it going by assisting any way you can. This can be improvements via code, helping answer questions/support, and even just spreading word of it as an option to fellow pilots.


If you’re interested in cutting your costs, hit me up on Discord. BearThatCares#1337

You definitely shouldn’t be paying more than $1-2 per month for domain and SSL certificates (Letsencrypt is a free CA). Furthermore, Digitalocean is absurdly overpriced for non-professional hobby projects and you can get hardware at OVH and Hetzner 4x the strength for 1/5th the cost. If you’re really struggling, investing in a dedicated server and spinning up a ton of containers would still be absurdly more cost effective.


The tool is amazing so you’ve done a really good job!

When it comes to 3rd party tools like this that bring value to so many people I’ve always kinda wondered why CCP doesn’t try and help the developers a little bit with hosting.

Have you tried reaching out to them?

Pardon me if I sound opportunistic but I don’t know the history on this matter. Just a thought.


I might be able to help with you $60 a month and possible to whole cost for awhile, I would need to know when you need so I can add it to my budget list…

All true. There is little reason to spend $ on SSL certs these days. We have switch all of our clients to letsencrypt as their certs expire.

Great news everyone, a new version of Tripwire with some fixes and new features is less than 12 hours away!

However, some bad news is that Tripwire will be taken offline shortly and all wormholes and signatures are going to be purged from Tripwire today at 11pm UTC (EVE time).

The shutdown and purge is because there are database issues that are causing table locks. It is a big mess so I need to just purge the system. It should only take 5-10min.

The good news is a new version will be released as well with the following changes:

The following changes are from Kariyo Astrien

These fixes are from Aaron Opfer

  • Fixed a code execution loop when changing the viewed system
  • Improved performance of parsing signature changes for the client browser
  • Fixed an out of sync issue where local changes could not be reflected correctly

This is from Minwoo-Choi

  • Added Korean paste support

Notes are not going to be erased, right?

Notes will be perfectly fine

Ok, thanks o7

thx for all the hard work man tripwire is the sh*t

plz fix ship mass logging !

awesome news, thanks for the heads up and all the hard work @Daimian_Mercer

Tripwire should be back online and updated to 1.13 - please refresh your browsers. A hard refresh might be required but shouldn’t be.

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I re-enabled ship mass tracking feature for now. If it causes problems again I might have to disable it.

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this worked great for a few days after the reset, but the last 48-72 hours have been hit or miss, mostly miss - seeing a lot of 502/504 :frowning:

Something is going on with the PHP servers. I have not yet solved the issue as it always seems to happen when I am away/working.

I am monitoring and trying to resolve the issues.