Pathfinder Question

On pathfinder, Under routes, I have a number of areas marked so I can see how far a given system is. However I am having a few issues.

2 systems I added have “search now” in the box eather than showing the actual route, how can I chnage this to default to show the route. I noticed there are a couple of icons to the right, a shiled for high sec systems a middle column that has a repeating circle icons and another has a eyeglass, i assume the eye glass is why it doesnt show the route and I change it, but it reverts back for the next system I search from.

Also how can i get it to sercxxh the safer route by default rather than having to click the shield each time

You can add up to 4 systems into the route tracker and they will be tracked automatically - this is I assume to reduce the strain on the pathfinder public server. You can add more but you have to manually click search in the route window.

Shorter route is almost always better and I guess that is why its the default one instead of safe

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