Patrol and protect the weak!

hello :slight_smile:

Providence nullsec region is a space open to any unknow pilot if not hostile first or member of a group making already some agression earlier.

We inviting you of taking part of a good fleet open 24/24 to patrol and protect Providence residents

we also have already a good BS and cap fleet ready for fast interception of red gang around.

my corporation offer:

  • blue standing with all the region
  • access to JB / many fleet in fleet finder / CTA
  • a good plan to earn 10b per month with only 1h30 rating per day
  • PVP fiting expertise and skill plan

we ask:

  • omega account with api key full access
  • a donation free each month to corporation for investment and all access

if you re interested please send me a mail ingame

come play with us for protect the weak and kill pirats !

i wan build a fleet of 100 dreads who dont scared to fight and kill heavy stuff to protect Providence region !

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