[.PAX] Easy Access, Low Commitment content - Stick an alt in today!

Good content and having fun is the most important thing in eve, we also understand that alot of people have their mains committed to other groups.

We offer low commitment, easy access content for anyone in New Eden. No fancy requirements or application processes, just make an Amarr alpha character (or use a spare alt if you have it), apply to corp and log in at any time during the weekends to have some fun.

We are currently leading the Amarrian Militia in retaking systems and will provide all needed ships for free. We don’t care who you are, where your main is, whether it’s an alt or not. All we care about is providing good content and having fun.

Public Chat: .PAX

System captures so far:

So what are you waiting for? Get a character in corp and have some fun!

Looking for easy content? Stick an alt into corp!

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