Payment Instalments - Character Bazaar

Hi all,

I was wondering if it’s allowed to buy characters from the bazaar and pay for them
in instalments?

For example, I buy a character where the seller wants 100 billion ISK.

I then pay 50 billion now and the next 50 billion at the agreed time with the seller.

Because It’s completely against the rules to scam on the Character Bazaar, would this be allowed?


I’m going to guess the answer is no.

I think it’s a matter of contract law, in real life. By not allowing scams, CCP is declaring the bazaar as “out of game”, and working in a system of real-life deposits and partial payments will open up a whole lot of potential litigation.


Its specifically in the rules that you cannot do payments

  1. Down-payment plans are not supported by CCP Customer Support. As a seller, you are agreeing to a certain amount of ISK only, which is to be paid in one payment. Once again, any forms of scams regarding character sales are strictly prohibited.

My opinion, if you were allowed payments, the char should be moved to a ccp controlled acct until all funds are paid.

It would also make it more difficult to track in terms of mishaps or RMT.

Thank you for the replies all.

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