PC: Armageddon Ironblood Skin

Looking for an estimate on what its worth - dont see any for sale or on contract.

like 50 bill

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83bn to a buy order in Jita.

Not what I was expecting - just happened to come across it on the account. Guess I can throw up a contract and see if it gets any bites.

@Terak_Romaller That Buy Order is for 83mil not bil -_-

Not to be THAT guy, but you might want to rethink that listing price, I bought one for less than a billion not too long ago.

Sorry =(

Oops. Sorry. Genuine error.

What’s a few zeros between friends?
Says the idiot that has by reflex tapped three zeros when listing torpedoes for sale.
The brokerage charge is painful!

General principle: the value of an item is what someone will buy it for. Generally the buy price unless there are people actually buying from sell orders.

In EVE one can never tell if someone is trolling :wink: but i appreciate the feedback!

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