PC Gamer Corp recruiting players of all levels and timezones

Many moons ago PC Gamer Magazine started up its in-game groups (Guilds etc) in all of the major MMOs. The noteworthy exploits filled a small section of the Magazine called ‘Play with PC Gamer’.

Over the summer months like many corps in eve online members have dwindled due to real-life taking precedence. But the Director team are back and looking to build PCGE back up and work as a team and share profits with all members.

We are implementing a unique co-op and profit share scheme that will allow anyone at any ability level to contribute and learn and work together as a team to share profits.

If working as a team and making ISK while enjoying great conversations with great people sounds like your kind of eve, Then please join us or drop into one of our public channels and have a chat to find out more.

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