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Many moons ago PC Gamer Magazine started up it’s own in game groups (Guilds etc) in all of the major MMOs. The noteworthy exploits filled a small section of the Magazine called ‘Play with PC Gamer’.

The Official Eve Online Corporation (PCG Enterprises) has many years of it’s own history, but sadly in recent years it’s all ground to a halt as life got in the way for the various CEOs that came and went. I’m going to pick up the batten. Again.

I was the CEO of the PC Gamer Corp back in 2013. Life got in the way for me and I gave it up a few years later - something which to be honest I’ve regetted ever since. Despite the hours you need to put in as a CEO to keep bringing content to your members, we had the best community I’ve ever had the priviledge to lead.

So I’m starting it up again, Eve Online is an incredible place to be a part of, to foster a community and write your own stories. If you want to be a part of that, join the in game channel “PC Gamer Public”, or look up the Corp ‘PCG Enterprises’.

o7. Core


Still going - come and join us as we get back in business.

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Still recruiting, come and be a part of something cool!

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