PC Industry/Trade char 89.9mill sp & Fleetbooster 102mill sp

First character is Mini SS been my science/builder/Trader. (89.9mill sp)

Can also fly covert ops/Blockade Runner ect.

Second character is Ergok, my fleetbooster. (102mill sp)

Both of these accounts can do more than listed but am looking to sell one or possibly both.

Should I just extract the skills as don’t look like anyone interested? I know the rough extraction values of both but just wondered if was worth anymore as they are.

mini 80 bil
ergok 90 bil

82 bil for mini and 92 bil for ergok

180 bil both

181 bil both

182 bil

183 bil

80bill 90bill

Ergok still available?

95 Ergok B/O

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