WTB Industry Character over 80mil SP

Looking to buy a mainly Industry character, productions, science skills and so on.
Isk waiting.

Hello, I’ve just made a post of one of my toons that I got for sale.
It’s not a 80 mil sp one, only 62, but got cap building skills and perfect rorq
If you are interested take a bid or contact me with a bid :smiley:


Yeah nice character but looking for more pure industry character, thanks anyway

My 118 Mil SP character Kaldaes is for sale if your price is right. Make me an offer.

I have a set of +5s and +4s, and a few other clones (I can fly it to Jita if you are interested)
Can fly Rorqual (Minning) + (fleet support skills and a rig)
Can fly Epithal for Planetary Interaction
Can fly Caldari and Gallente Interceptors (for moving blueprints)
Mastery 5 Caldari and Gallente Freighter & Jump Freighter, (for moving other stuff around)
I have all the skills to produce including faction stuff except Upwell Encryption Methods.
I also have the skills to be able to move 7 of the 8 carriers and dreads (when I make them)
Still, a few lvl5s to train up to make it perfect but it’s well on its way and already has all the skill books except Upwell Encryption Methods.

Hi there, I have industry characters that range from 27 to 50 mill SP (sorry not as high as 80m).

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