PC on 11m sp Miner/Production Character

I am thinking about selling and want to see if it will be worth it for me. She is currently in a corp but would be removed if I decided to sell.


11.9m Skill Points
1 yearly and 2 bonus remaps
300,000 Un-allocated Skill Points

Drones V
Light Drones V
Medium Drones V
Drone Avionics V
CPU Management V
Power grid Management V
Industry V
Advanced Industry V
Mass Production V
Advanced Small Ship Production V
Mining V
Mining Upgrades V
Reprocessing Efficiency V
Archaeology V
Research V
Science V
Mechanics V

She can fly Exhumers and only needs Transport Ships I to fly the Occator Deep Space Transport.

No interest? Am I better off skill extracting into something else?

I’d use her for the production skills… so I could offer 5.5b.

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