PC/WTS scanning toon(21,7,5m sp), basic pvp 5,7m sp

to the top still got toons to sell

21m sp virtue 17.5b offer

Hey, any news from the support? I still didn’t received the character.


Ticket says updated 6 hours ago but no message from them? If I get nothing by tonight I will reask them

Wont go under 19b

ok,19b who I send the ISK

isk to the toon ill do the ticket when he receives it!

isk to the Mad Vemane?

to ezzara eriker

ISK and account info has been sent.

Ticket is in!

Alright, still nothing on my end. Ty!

aye ill send them another ticket

I still haven’t gotten any answer for my tickets… can anyone confirm you can still ticket transfer toons for 1000 plexes? or did I miss something here?


I was just told the acc name you gave me is incorrect, can you DM me a new one?

Sent you a msg ingame.

hey,I still didn’t received the character,either.

I just received the character, yours may be on the way.

ok,Thank you for telling me!

sorry waiting on the tickets, not much I can do :confused: the other toon has been transferred so hopefully should be done soon!

Also daily bump