Penguins Special Ops- LowSec Small Gang

Penguins Special Ops is a PvP corporation, plain and simple. Anyone is free to lead fleets and everyone is treated equally. We pride ourselves in being a brotherhood. As small gang pilots, we don’t believe in CEOs or directors breathing down your neck.

We value independence and freedom to do as you wish.

However to keep this spirit of the corp alive we need people with certain qualities:

  • Sense of honesty. Being honest means we can trust you to watch our back when we are in the middle of a brawl.

  • Respect for others. Respect for other people in the corporation and outside of it. Treat others like how you want to be treated to avoid unnecessary personality conflict.

  • Selflessness. To be part of a brotherhood is to help one another. You help others and others will help you.

If you are this person then we have something for you:

Our main languages are English and Russian in the EU TZ.

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Looking for more people to join. Send me a message if interested

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