Recruiting Aspiring small gang/T3 HK hopeful


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I am looking for a couple pilots to start a small gang and learn with. I do not want ties to the major alliances or stuck worrying about how others want me to do things. I am willing to fund the Skill injectors for 1 to 2 pilots that exhibit that they are trustworthy and are going to remain loyal. So, if you are wanting to learn BLOPS and Ganking… Start the life of a small gang pirate with me and we will see how far we can take this. Please contact me asap. I am having our comms and website set up . This is something I am devoting a lot of time and money into so please only serious inquiries.

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If you are looking for people to learn PvP with check out Parroto Social Club. We do a lot of small and medium gang stuff. We have people interested in Blops too although ganking is something we don’t bother with. We have no ties to any major alliance so are free from blue donuts.

Anyway, if you aren’t fully committed to doing your own thing then you should check us out. Details are in the link below.

If you go your own way on things however, the very best of luck out there.

(Alexander Asanti) #3

I am 100% devoted to my own thing. I have spent 100s on this and I am finally ready to find a couple people to begin the fun with. I have everything we will need to get the bllops going and a website/forums in developmental.

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