People and Places -> Remove shared folder?

When I open people and places I can see a folder called shared folder with admin access, if I open this folder I can see another which just has a lot of chinese characters as the name. If I right-click this folder the option I get is connect.

Could someone please tell me how I delete this from my people and places? I didn’t add it, it doesn’t seem to do anything and I can’t even read the name of it due to it being in chinese and not english.


If you have admin access you can delete it. For you to be able to do that it needs to be in either the Shared Locations ‘directory’ or the ‘Offline Folders’ subdirectory. You cannot delete if it’s in the ‘Shared Folders With Admin Access’ subdirectory.

However I suggest not deleting it, as it may be someone else’s collection of important bookmarks and they’ve provided you with admin access in error.

Very few players need all the shared folders they can access, so it’s unlikely to cause you any problems if you leave it disconnected in the ‘Shared Folders With Admin Access’ subdirectory. It’s unlikely to cause you any harm sitting inactive there, and you can still delete it later if you need the space.
You could also evemail the folder owner and suggest they remove you from the access list - tho language may be a problem with that. You can find the owner by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘folder information’.
Another option would be to rename it and hope the original owner notices and changes the settings. IDK, something like “PLEASE REMOVE” … or whatever.

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