Shared folders and access

I have problem with shared folders and saving bookmarks into them.

I have 3 shared folders lets call them folderA ,B, C. The behavior seems inconsistent, sometimes I can save into B, sometimes I can save into folder C, sometimes only into A (which works always (different access list)). It was different for different character and maybe even system although they were all in corporation.

The access list for Manage and Admin is the default one for corporation created by “admin” which I can’t modify. And today it stopped working completely - now I can’t save into B and C under any character. Which is strange because I was not changing the shared folders at all, all I did was to make a new title in corporation and assigning it to some characters, but not any of those that I use.

Do I just need to make a new access list for corporation only because the default one is bugged, or it is somehow related to some corporation permissions? (But my characters have director role so that shouldn’t be an issue…)

I’ve been having a similar problem with my nullpings1 folder which i share between my alt and myself. Gave full admin on the ACL to the main (me) but I can’t edit the folder at all. I can’t see any settings that I’m missing either, weird ! Something they should look into.

Sounds like yours is synchronization on top of that though… our version of time is not the servers.

I’m assuming it’s inter-account management on their end, somewhere, unix is pretty strict ! good problem to fix, along with eve-o, really wish i could play both my chars again.

The issue persists even when I set Manage acess to new access list I made that contains my whole corporation (admin access is still just to default access list, but that shouldn’t be needed).

Today (at least) one of my alt has access to 3rd folder, but not 2nd despite both folders has exactly the same access lists for everything… I didn’t changed anything since last post.

Yeah it is bugged.

Problem solved. The folder are simply empty. That is why I cannot save into them.

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