Help with Shared Bookmarks Please

Ok so I use a shared online folder for my characters to have the same tacticals and exploration bookmarks.

The problem I am running into now is that the folder is full (500 bookmarks).

What I would like to do is copy the tacticals to each character’s personal bookmark folder to free up space in the shared one. However, it would seem I cannot make copies, only move bookmarks between folders which means I cannot duplicate the bookmarks between characters.

I’ve searched Google pretty extensively for how to fix this and can’t find anything, any ideas?

Wow… 500. I thought I was pretty bad with more than 10 per character.

@Eso_Es Question here is, are they ALL that important? I would at least archive the ones you use the least and prioritize the rest. I read something on here about cloning character’s UI. Maybe there is an answer in that thread?

Here is the link to that thread.

The thread is closed but the information is still there.

So apparently you can hold “shift” and drag the bookmarks into personal folders to make a copy, amazing! :slight_smile:

p.s you can make more than one shared folder

I have onlined corp and alliance folders which I don’t want to micromanage and turn off online every time I need access to a different shared folder.

Anyway its all good, problem solved

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