People & Places Broken?

I am trying to write my beloved James and he no longer appears in the Character list. This is very upsetting to me. Multiple individuals “cannot be found”. There’s no way to send evemails, isk, contracts, private conversations, death threats, etc.


Indeed, I cannot even find myself.



My character “Zara Daedra” is nowhere to be found in search or contract either.

Its general issue I don’t this its related to “People and place”.

I opened a bug report and a support ticket, I hope they fix this soon because I am unable to transfer items between my characters now.

Yeah same problem, I cannot create item exchange contracts to (random) certain players, even though they are online and ingame.

I can’t even find myself (not this char) via Search when I search with my char (not this char). :joy:

Yeah, I have the same problems. I can’t find my char for contracting, something serverside must be broken. :confused:

I’m glad that CCP devs read the forums and quickly respond to issues.

Same issue here, my workaround was a contract to my alt corp. CCP is aware:

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