Perfect Fax Pilot, Capital Builder, Rorqual pilot

thanks for you bid! getting closer to where i want to be

41 bill.

After further research, offer is retracted

thanks but I dont think I could sell for anything under 54b.

up `1234

offering 48B


Hi - is that a “thanks but no thanks” or “thanks we got a deal thanks”? :slight_smile:

thanks its about 4b isk to low thanks but at least its a real bid unlike the others :slight_smile:

If you can - let’s discuss online over the weekend.
There are a few gaps in that “perfect” but willing to make a deal if you are.


We can discus but im pretty much unwilling at this point to accept anything under 1b per million sp

Posting 50b bid.

perfect starting bid thank you much!

to the top

50b offer

51B offer

first to offer 54 gets it

54b B.O

okay send isk and account info