Perfect Rorqual pilot/capital ship builder/fax alt

perfect rorqual and capital ship builder
located in esotaria

Can fly a fax

67b starting price

It is in a npc corp skillboard hasnt updated it yet.

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please update eve skillboard in order to offer

confirmed for sale

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up up up!

Bid 35B

36b bid

still looking for real offers!

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your about 30b isk to low :stuck_out_tongue:

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im not in a rush to sell guy. Ill wait till i get relevent offer. 30b below the 1b per million standard is unnacceptable.

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Toon is not in Npc Corp and also, folks are looking at your extractor price which Is 48 mil.

toon is 100% in an npc corp. ill try to get skillboard to update. i get that they are looking at extractor price, but i would have to be brain dead to sell at extractor price. I am not braindead lol.

49b offer

real offers only please