Perfect Rorqual pilot/capital ship builder/fax alt


up u up

60b offer

61B here

thanks all but were still about 9b to short

I can come to about 65B, let me know

whelp if you can do 70 we can do business. but im not even playing the game right now and i just passively have these up to liquidate everything into plex for when i eventually do come back. so im not in a hurry to sell

I can do 70 by tomorrow.

okay let me know

70b offer

after reviewing the character again with 73m sp pods and skins im sorry its doesnt make sense for me to sell at 70b sorry i mislead you.

I understand, let me know a price that makes sense

I think 75b would be in order because of the pod and the skin. if thats not doable for you in understand

I can manage 75 Bil. Confirm you’re ok and we can proceed.

okay send isk and account info

ISK sent and account info sent to character’s EVEMail

transferring via plex ive opened up a ticket with ccp

Thanks o7

just waiting on a GM to transfer to you enjoy

Thanks you o7. Will confirm when complete.