Perfect Mining Rorqual

(Velania Askiras) #1

Boost skills aren’t complete but a perfect mineral miner.
28.7m SP
pword 1234

Positive sec
Positive wallet
located high sec

Starting bid is 23B

Sales are final when i post in thread they are final. Feel free to backchannel via pm.

I will follow all ccp rules in the transfer of this character.

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(Xayder) #2

21Bil isk

(Friendly Orti) #3


(Velania Askiras) #4

24B b/o accepted in game waiting on isk and account info.

(Friendly Orti) #5

ISK and info sent

(Nicolai Jennings) #6

I’m getting a bug on the website.

Contacting CCP.

Can you verify you have an open slot on your account and double check that you sent me the correct account info?

Sorry never had this error before.

Ticket submitted to ccp.

(Friendly Orti) #7

Info is correct and I have a slot open. The account is relatively new, but I don’t think that should make a difference. Maybe try it again?

(Nicolai Jennings) #8

C it is an omega account?

(Friendly Orti) #9

Yes it is

(Nicolai Jennings) #10

alright then we are waiting on ccp for this one sorry mate.

(Race Leader) #11

Im willing to offer 25b if its still ok to the seller

(Wpier Dol) #12

26b if u still for sale chieff

(Velania Askiras) #13

original deal has been honored character is in transfer. now.

(Friendly Orti) #14

Character revieved.