Perfect Nomad/JF/Rhea pilot (JF5, some trade skills) - 15B


Selling my JF character as I don’t use it anymore. Already sold the ship, has high sec clone with +5s for current skill training (trade skills) and positive wallet (obviously wallet will be zero for transfer :slight_smile: )

Current remap available: Now

I will pay for this transaction using 1000 PLEX, so please bare this in mind as you will receive the character transfer notification once a GM has initiated the transfer.

Price = 15B

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13 billion

use - uses ESI and updates every 3 hours. XMLApi has some issues with updating skills in a timely matter

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I’d get more for brain draining her once you take into account the 3b for transfer.

15b is a bargain for this level of JF character plus a few trade skills

No worries. My bid stands, if you want to reconsider.

Or someone can offer the b/o :stuck_out_tongue:

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15b b/o

Cheers, send ISK and I’ll submit the petition and get it on the way.

And send me an ingame mail with the account name of course (been a while since I’ve done bazaar stuff!!)

Isk and Account Info sent

Petition raised! Cheers.

did a mistake and did send you the wrong account name, did send you another mail with the right one

I’ve updated the petition, they’ve not replied yet, let’s hope they read the whole thing lol!

Just had confirmation from a GM that it’s been done, and the character is gone from my login screen…

Let’s see if I can even post this!!..

Fun thing about selling a character is once you have your login cookie with the forums, it won’t invalidate those cookies when the character leaves the account. So as long as your cookie doesn’t expire, or you log out, you can post as that character


kinda fun^^ but char is now on my account, thx for the sale (should have tried posting this from my new toon^^)

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