Perfect Ragnarok Pilot For Sale

minmatar / gallente titan V
Gallente Dread V as well

High Grade Ascendency Set
pw: 1234

Starting bid 55b
BO - 80b

SP = 91.635,077
Positive Isk Wallet 500,000
Sec Station 0.6 Positive
Located in High Sec station
Additional High Grade Slave Pod
NPC corp

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offer 55b, and what is buyout price?

trying to figure that out now… something that is pretty fair to both sides… doing a little research.

threw a BO that seems fair…

first, you need to leave your corp, and what about wallet, is it positiv? If true, we can deal at 80b at friday (need to collect all of isks, maybe this will be faster) ) . If you accept this, please reply :slight_smile:

i will get him out of corp, wallet is positive and i will 0 out his sec status… that will not be an issue.

ok, good, so what about deal at friday?

Yes i will hold till friday for you.

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what’s the BO you will accept ?

I found isks, we can deal at 80b as byuot price. Please leave the corp.

Offer for buyot at 80b is accepted.

and please, update header, add info about wallet and amount of SP

hey sorry i was away for a couple days… ill be around later tonight and we can get all this done.

Cool, will wait for you for today, mail me in game or chat me in game when you will be here :slight_smile:

BO offer accepted for 80b isk. waiting on isk / account info

Isks and account details are sended

Payment received, account info received… Character Transfer Initiated.

toon received thank you, deal is done!

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