Perfect rorq pilot 53mil

I am for sale. 53mil SP

Perfect Rorqual pilot:

  • JDC, JDO, JFC 5
  • Perfect ore reprocessing
  • Near perfect moon reprocessing
  • Can use covert cyno and covert ship
  • Perfect orca
  • 1 325 000 free SP

Looking for 50b

No killrights , positive wallet , clone is sitting in highsec.







you know that a perfect rorq pilot would have all the shield skills trained as the rorqual uses shield skills to protect itself?

perfect?? lol drone durability lev 0 LOL


Hi there,

There is a lot of skill training needed for this to be a perfect’ pilot.


36b offer

Bidding 37B

38b offer

44 B Isk is ready B/O

Is the seller still alive?
In the game does not respond.

I will give you all I have, 2B. Not tryin to lowball, just all I got

50b B/O

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