Perpetual Boring Condition - Looking for Low Sec Miners and Industrialists

Perpetual Boring Condition is a small corp based in Low Sec Solitude, an area isolated from the rest of the Empires. With staging less than 5 jumps to High Sec and NPC Null Sec for Ore, Ice, and Gas.

Through cooperation and help from our allies we have formed a coalition to make Solitude a safer place for mining and industry

We offer:

• 0% Corporation Tax
• T2 Lowsec refining & construction facilities
• Alliance Buybacks
• Low Sec Mining, Moon Mining, Nullsec Mining
• Gas Harvesting
• Booster Production

Recruitment Channel - Boring Public
Discord - Kraken’s Void

Looking for some lowsec miners.

bumping for bumps saake

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