[HISEC Industry/Mining] The Boring Commonwealth needs you!

Founded by a bittervet who got tired and decided to sit back in hisec and relax after a lifetime of shootings and alliance wars, The Boring Commonwealth brings nullsec-level organization into rock mining in hisec. So grab a drink, join our comms and watch cats livestreams while chatting with us and participating at our corporation events. We play mostly in EU timezone and for now we are based in Minmatar space, at less than 10 jumps from the Rens trade hub.

Our Corp is young, but we have a lot of experience. We will offer:

  • Mining Operations
  • Industrial Citadels
  • Mining Boosts
  • Welp PvP fleets just to make things a bit more spicy
  • A relaxed environment with no obligations and a hassle-free application process
  • Lots of help for new Eve players
  • Future plans to move to eventually nullsec

We are still in development, so we will surely offer more in the future. And we are open for suggestions.

If you need more insight, feel free to join us for a chat ingame at our recruiting channel, The Boring Channel. If there’s no one there, send me a private message ingame. I am “Darko Darko”.

K bye.

hey just coming back to eve after a couple of years off do mostly mining looking to have fun. Thogal Jones, let me know if id be welcome

Hi there! Sure, I’ll send you an email ingame. :slight_smile:


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