Persist group windows in overview

I would like to suggest that group windows opened out of the location window dont get reset at every login.

( Press L, right click a folder, select “open as group window”). Let that stay in place, as all other windows do.

I use this to put the “bookmarks in this system” group in my overview. Every single day :wink:

I am pretty sure that many pilots have the same problem, or there is a different way of achieving this, which I dont know about.

If latter, I would be eager to hear how YOU do that.

thanks and nice greetings,



Make the topic title more descriptive.


Did that

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Don’t know if this is useful for you or the thing your looking for but there’s a keybind for opening local locations as dropdown menu that works just like radial fleet broadcast menu! Also theres keybind for opening local locations as window and i don’t think that resets iirc…

hey thank you! that was exactly what I was looking for.

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