Phoenix pilot. 13kk sp. Missles - 5m SP. Т5 torpedo and support

(Amber LNR) #1

WTS, this character
Price starts from 8 billions.
Can sit in phoenix. Has trained missles and t2 torpedo skills.

Skills on level 5 -
Advanced Weapon Upgrades
Electronics Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Missile Bombardment
Missile Launcher Operation
Rapid Launch
Target Navigation Prediction
Warhead Upgrades

Warp Drive Operation
Advanced Spaceship Command
Covert Ops
Spaceship Command

(Amber LNR) #2

Bump! Start price lowered.

(Ryu Chaos) #3

this is torpedoes not XL torpedoes

(Ryu Chaos) #4

on another thought i will start you out for 8b, if this goes over that price its honestly not worth it, missing all jump skills and various missile ones plus a lot of tanking. I take it it was a bomber alt for fw right?

contact me in game or with evemail if you wish

(Amber LNR) #5


(Amber LNR) #10

bump! pilot is looking for a new home

(Reck Isayeki) #11

5Bil offer

(Dark Dystopia) #12


(Amber LNR) #13


(Tiddle Jr) #15

According to rules toon should be with NPC corp.

(Akira Nalliery) #16

8 bid

(Baskerville Conan) #17

8.1 B isk Dependent on NPC corp. AS it sits now you are not

(Aries Stark) #18

8.5b offer

(system) #19

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