Phoenix Science Division

Welcome to the recruitment advert for Phoenix Science Division.

We are an old corp with new management, we are looking for pilots who are new to the game but experienced pilots will be considered as well.

So if you are interested in Indy or Pve work and wish to have a casual game play, look no further, Tax rate is set at 00% so isk you make you keep.

We have ties with a Null sec sov Alliance and hopefully will feed pilots who wish to take that road. But this is optional and not compulsory.

I hope to take this corp and help pilots develop their mining, mission, inventing or Pi skills.

We are based in the caldari region and UK timezone but other Timezones are welcome. So if you want to enjoy the game at your pace ( fast or slow, new player or old or even alpha or Omega) I hope this corp will be for you.

You can contact me in game, below or join our recruitment channel-

PHSD Recruitment


Still recruiting.


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